How Do You Open or Convert a HEIC File and What is it?

As new technologies emerge, new file formats emerge too. Developers of the files create them to boost productivity and user experiences. One such file format is the HEIC file type. This file type was created by MPEG developers and has grown in popularity lately. The abbreviation HEIC stands for High Efficiency Image Format. 

The file offers several advantages over the conventional formats such as JPEG. Despite its efficiency, HEIC files have a drawback, particularly with opening and converting them. If you are new to the HEIC file type, here are the tricks for opening and converting them. 

What is HEIC format?

The abbreviation HEIC means High Efficiency Image Format. It is a picture package format that was developed by MPEG. It uses AI technology to compress photos without changing their quality. HEIC files are useful to people who want to save more space on a computer or phone. The format offers a flexible option for a wide range of multimedia applications. It can hold an array of images in one file which helps save a lot of space. Some of the important benefits of HEIC file type are as follows.

One advantage of saving HEIC files is that you can convert them into different types of formats. One HEIC file can be converted into PGN, TIFF, and other formats such as PNG. Another important format you can convert HEIC to is PDF. If you want to know how to convert HEIC to PDF, you just need to understand what is an HEIC extension and how it works. To know how to turn a  HEIC into a pdf on Mac, use the Mac Create software. Another option about how to change HEIC to PDF on Mac is to right-click the file. From the menu, open the file with Photos. You can also convert multiple HEIC to PDF using Mac Preview. 

  • Improved color quality. The different types of images that use the HEIC format have a broader color range. This makes the images’ colors brighter and more accurate. This file format does not show distorted or faded images. It keeps colors as bright as the original image. 
  • Great compression capability. HEIC files are best useful when a user wants to compress files. Their compression capability goes beyond what conventional software can do. Despite the extreme compression, files never lose their originality or quality. 
  • Provides some of the best features. The HEIC format offers people greater freedom for use. It can compress and save a large quantity of files in the same folder. It doesn’t matter the type of multimedia format they are. Due to this, multimedia producers prefer this format for their compression needs. 

How to open a HEIC file

Apple device users have an advantage because most Apple devices support HEIC files. People using other operating systems need a third-party application to open the files. Windows 10 and 11 have a photo app that can help open the files. To open the HEIC file format on Mac, use Preview. Click on the file and choose the option “Open with Preview”. The file will automatically open. You may also select the file and choose Open with Photoshop. 

On Windows 10 or 11, select the HEIC files and choose Open with Photos. If the computer lacks an image extension, download one from the Microsoft Store and install it. Another option for both Mac and Windows is to use third-party apps. Most of the apps run on the web or cloud. They include Adobe Lightroom, Google Photos, and Dropbox. 

How to convert a HEIC format

Many applications support HEIC conversion into a wide range of files. Most of the converters are available online while others can be installed on desktop or phone. They allow you to convert HEIC to formats such as JPEG, PDF, and PNG. You just need to choose the online platform and upload the HEIC file there. 

Some of the platforms allow users to drag and drop the file.  Mac has native applications such as iCloud and Preview that can help convert HEIC. If a user is using Android or iOS, the JPEG converter is a good option for converting HEIC to JPEG. There are many more conversion options that a user can try. It depends on the operation the user has. 


HEIC file type is one of the files widely used by multimedia producers. The software allows them to compress multimedia beyond what conventional converters can do. Despite the extra compression capabilities, the HEIC format does not lose multimedia quality. It is a good option for people who want to compress files to save space while maintaining g file quality. Different types of online and desktop apps help open and convert HIEC files. They can be converted into a wide range of formats such as PDF and JPEG. 

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